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Feb 18, 2015

Food has been legit delish as of late. 

Sweet potato, succotash (Trader Joes freezer section for the win), Omaha Steak (I had about three bites, I just can't get with steak...)

Lunches of late -- tuna (more mustard than mayo, obviously) with a salad from the cafeteria, cuz making tuna AND a salad is too much effort. 

This sandwich.

Speedwork. I finally got out of my slump and signed up for a race -- GO STL Half Marathon (April 12th)

What happens when you ask me to pick up something for you -- you get proof of purchase photos.

Someone forgot their wedding ring. I, on the other hand knocked two stones out of mine.  Crisis averted, its all fixed now.  I literally can't have anything nice.

Currently on my bookshelf (Thanks for the recommendation Desiree!). not the Brownie Brittle (Salted Caramel, do it) I ate that.

Smoothie Prep (from Monday Musings)

Women's Networking Breakfast 

Dinner with Marks coworkers at Old Standard.  Go -- yum.

Master Bedroom renovations. Still.

Pomegranate obsessed.

Clayton Restaurant Week  -- 801 Chophouse has unparalleled Creme Brulee. that crust. I'm salivating. And they had a wine special , so we all split a $100 bottle of Pinot because it was too stupid cheap to pass up and we love a bargain.

My (work) coffee mug -- I leave it in the sink to annoy my coworker, he washes it and leaves me notes. Ha!

Squeezable Amish Peanut butter.  Life doesn't get much sweeter.

See?! Yoga pants are everything.

Running in the snow/ice.  Not my best life choice as of late.  It was gorgeous though.

Road Trip!

We got to celebrate this beauty's first birthday and go see Marks family.  Win-win.

If every one year old has cookies this giant and that delicious (in addition to cake), I'll become a professional party attendee.

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  1. After reading this you have effectively trigged cravings for: sweet potatoes, monstrous cookies, and a sweet tooth tour.
    WOOHOO for 1/2 registration. But speed work. Oy.
    Have you finished Land of Shadows? What did you/do you think?? Up next you must read The Girl on the Train. I can't sing enough praises for that one!

  2. Couldn't help but giggle when I saw the blanket pic.


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