Have I Told You, Lately -- Everything On My Mind?

Feb 27, 2015

Its so good to be back over sharing about, well anything.  Surely after my documentary that-would never-end on our wedding, you were this.close to committing me.  Fear not. 

On to new/old business.

Some say want. I say need. My afternoon pick me up travels in style now. As it should.

Every flavor. Do it. Sams has these is jumbo bags, which is fantastic and dangerous. You've been warned. Those crunchy, fruit clusters are addicting. I've had them for dinner many a night. Judge away, it was delicious and made no dishes.

Two dresses I'm determined to fit back into, one day. Grey is from my twenty ninth(?) birthday, and the orange is from a few NYE ago.

Rubin riding with no sense of personal space. None.

Closet overhaul (purge/keep/donate). I've done that twice since this picture and I need to again.  Does that make me a hoarder, or really organized. 

Organized -- thought so.

Old Chicago spinach dip is so good I ordered it, for myself one day in the field.  No regrets. 

Kale Salad. Pastaria lunch special is everything.

VAT Tax refund -- of which I haven't got (yet).  Boo.

These pickles win best crunch, spicy, and overall Ms. Congeniality.  Buy a jar or twelve.  I wouldn't lead you astray.

Stumbled across this from when Mark and I just started dating.  I miss Jess (left) so. Why does England have to be so far away? T-minus two Christmases till we are reunited. 

Jennifer has been killing it on her Ben + Jerry game.  I need to get my life right.

Wedding pictures are in! OMG.

Amie sent this to me -- I drive just fine. She's jealous.  
Or afraid for her life. One of the two.

I love being deposed. Said no one, ever. 
Casualty of the 9-5. 

Those chips. Sabra spicy hummus.  Amen.

Saving my parking space.  I need  to carry cones around more often.  No shame, none. 

My eye doctor now takes your blood pressure (why I wasn't listening). 
 So fancy.

This baby gate saved our engagement/marriage/Mark's eyes from being clawed out.  
Try and eat the mail now Miles...Rubin is just collateral punishment cuz Miles can't behave.

Get some.

Pro Tip: Jam all your lunch into the container.  No dishes to do. You're welcome.

Baby shower gift for a friend.  Read by Samuel L. Jackson is gold.

Can't wait till the weather warms up so I can wear this Eshakti dress more.

We had so much food leftover from our post wedding brunch -- I tried to be all domestic after a long day and make quiche for dinner.  

Served it to myself at 9p, after I yelled at Mark for being so ungrateful of me coming home to make him a home cooked meal and all he could say was "9p is too late to eat".  That's how testicles get ripped off people...

High School Cheerleading uniform. Still fit, two years ago. That counts as fitting now, right?

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  1. You are hilarious. I laughed all the way through this post.
    I need those chocolate covered berry things. Oh my gosh they look amazing.
    And saving your parking space? Literally dying over here.

  2. You bought yogurt with a fruit gel?!?! Also, love the cone. Don't get beat up.


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