Kinder wasted in Dublin

Feb 13, 2015

Last time we chatted, I was elbow deep in a Kinder coma and loving every minute of it (parts one and two of our trip).

The weather was gorgeous, so we got to take Conor Pass which was spectacular. And very, very windy, with a chance of steep dropoff. All praise to God for dramamine.

We stopped for lunch in Nenaugh for our first "American" meal of the trip, Subway.  Eat fresh.

Like any large city, the closer we got to Dublin, the more traffic. Add in semi trucks weaving in/out of traffic (like lunatics) and the fact there are no street numbers (only street names) -- we got lost, for an hour.

Oh, and we lost the second car.

Finally, we found the hotel parking (a few blocks away), the other car, and headed on foot (why?! do I always overpack?!) to the Grafton Capitol Hotel. Located in the heart of Dublin, within in walking distance of -- everything. 

To the delight of our drivers (Mark + Eric), the rental cars were returned, so Cora and I hung out on the mezzanine of the hotel so she could run around. I was on deadline and without wifi (everywhere else we went had it and the hotel was spotty at best), so I paid (insert stupid amount of euros, I think 6) to use their computer. It did the trick, but holy flash back, I was waiting for the modem to chirp...

Refreshed from the nights rest (we all passed out early) and no longer being tied to cars we set off on foot to explore. 

Breakfast at a lovely French Cafe (bacon atop pancakes, to die for!), then on to Trinity College and the Book of Kells.

The Old Library was breathtaking, I could have spent the day there.

Mark, Debbie, Eric, Jay

After a few more museums I was museumed out, and opted to get a manicure while they went to see Dublin Castle. Thankfully I remembered seeing a place near where we had breakfast and made my way back without getting lost, score!

Mandatory stop at Murphys on my way back. Obviously.

Get the Irish Oat Ice Cream, you're welcome.

While Irish cuisine is quite yummy, we were ready for a bit of a change from fish and chips, thankfully we stumbled upon Dada. Great atmosphere, phenomenal mint tea, and reasonably priced. Please go. And mail me some mint tea...

After dinner drinks in Temple Bar district at The Porterhouse, three levels, live music, and beer. 

So.Much. Beer.

Thankfully I knew I couldn't out drink three full grown men with hollow legs. No hangover for me sir.

Went for a run St. Stephens Green, got lost on my way, but that view though...

Mark couldn't figure out how to maneuver steps, so he just picked up the whole stroller, haha.

The Old Post Office where some historic stuff happened...

Look, bullet holes!

Mark and I snuck away to see Guinness

tour was just about to start when we arrived (lucky us!) 

The tour is super interactive and superior in tech savvy -- you walk through the various stages of brewing and at the end (where you get your free pint) you have the option to pour the perfect pint.

Yes, please.

Guinness Academy here we come.

There are six (six!) steps to pour the perfect pint. 

It took a bit to get the hang of it, but we did it!

Class Photo
After we passed Guinness Academy we headed to grab a bite to eat at one of the Gilroys.  The food was just ok, you've been warned. 

After our snack we headed to the rooftop, Gravity Bar.

Don't mind him, he loves selfies.

Though jam packed, it was really neat. A 360 view of Dublin with points of interest noted on the glass. 

It only took one pint for me (holy potent) so we stopped at the gift stop and headed back to the hotel, stopping at a little bakery along the way because, dessert.

Bangers and Mash

Rex, Debbie, Jay, Mark, Kyle

The best part of the trip? Going to Whelan's Pub (Debbie's ancestry), she was beside herself with excitement.

First family vacation with the Pipers -- nailed it.

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  1. Love the pic with the locks. And those captions ("The Old Post Office where some historic stuff happened..." and "Look, bullet holes!") are gold. As is your smile in the group photo after the tour. Tears. Keep on doing you, boo boo.


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