Monday Musings

Feb 16, 2015

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  1. I love this Mountain Dew commercial. And the space suit solo.  (Thanks Jennifer!)
  2. What kind of Valentines Day donut (were) you?  Sprinkle. 
  3. Tori's thoughts on L-O-V-E. Gah, I cried. So sweet.
  4. Honest, charming travel reviews from an eleven year old.
  5. Cuz I'm Saved By The Bell -- reunion. Its crazy how most of them look exactly the same!
  6. I heart Amy Schumer.
  7. Kid versions of celebrities at the Golden Globes (Thanks Jennifer!)
  8. How to fight with your spouse.
  9. Spice Girls! <--- I love them, but the leaked songs were meh, at best.
  10. Jim Gaffigan makes me smile and laugh till my sides hurt.  

What are YOU musings about this Monday?

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  1. 2. Victor, the pink frosted. Pic had sprinkles, the copy made no mention.


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