Photo Diary: Wedding, Deconstructed

Feb 20, 2015

I don't want to forget one.single.memory, thus the penned novellas of late -- it is still crazy to think we are married.  I'm MARRIED.  And considering we are in the throes of renovating and we are both alive, its a miracle.

Follow me down memory lane once (thrice) more, will you?

When we began talking about our wedding day after we got engaged, it was in France over a bottle of Moet throwing out ideas as we got ready for dinner (as I viber stalked Jennifer in real time). The excitement was palatable, and I remember wanting to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  

No really, I STILL pinch myself...

On our way back to the states I compiled a list of our families and friends, subsequently erupting into my first (of many) meltdowns. Amid stares/chuckles from a dear older gentlemen, and the entire Munich airport...

Hello, this is suppose to be all smiles and champagne, right?! 

I watch too much tv.

Over the next month I let the stress of planning a wedding encompass my existence to the point where I could barely hold a conversation without sobbing. It felt like after the initial excitement and sharing our news, it suddenly became a open forum (most of it, in a positive way) for how we should plan our wedding. Information and opinions came from everywhere and I just couldn't shut it off. So I cried.  Alot. I remember Mark going out of town for the weekend and being glad not to have to have another disagreement. That weekend I bought myself flowers, found solace in the quiet, read everything I could on marriage/how to stay married/compromise and took a step back. I started a wedding journal (which I only penned a few entries stowed away as a memento) and the bible study #areadyheart.  

Now, I was ready to plan. And plan I did.  My OCD was in heaven. 

With a guest list totaling sixteen it gave us the opportunity to celebrate creatively. So we created a weekend full of our favorite things

-- I never want to forget --

Choosing my (wedding) dress color.

Getting the hounds collar tie/flower samples in the mail.  Yes, Jennifer outdid herself, they each had two. She's pretty much the Duh.

Walking the park looking for the perfect ceremony spot, finding it, realizing we made nary a plan for ceremony decor (oops), the snow that came out of nowhere, and it all melting, giving us the most perfect winter November day (is that even a thing?!)

Receiving this BEAUTIFUL arrangement from the Panagopolous'

Making these (recipe) Thanksgiving (wedding week) am.  Those pecans are bananas good.

Baking my favorite chocolate chip cookies as a thank you for the musicians.

Mani + Pedi with my mom and baby sister.

Wedding day prep --packing a bag for the ceremony, writing checks, vows, and wrapping gifts.

Treating everyone to the Garden Glow at our "rehearsal dinner".

Holding up Garden Glow traffic to snap this gem.

Hand washing all the brunch china (borrowed from family + friends) with our moms and sisters. 

Picking up the wedding cake with Debbie. She rode for over an hour with her legs cirque du soleil style so we could fit the cake on the floor board (who knew cake transport was so tedious?!?)

Arranging these beauties -- dual purpose (ceremony + brunch)

This gal treating me to a second(!) Bachelorette party.

Celebrating the hounds second birthday -- and making our entire family sing "Happy Birthday" and watch them eat "cake".

Deb labeling all the sandwiches for lunch

Baking banana bread for brunch because I HAD to have something homemade on the spread (I wanted to make everything and Mark nixed that idea, saying I'd drive us both crazy trying to cook for 60 ppl the day after we get married -- wise, that one).

Cora played "throw all my clothes on the floor" at dinner -- everything this child does is adorable.

Reception: Vin de Set, wine room. We ate ourselves absolutely silly. This menu doesn't include the champagne and cake we had prior to arrival.

Hor d'oeuvres 
(served family style)

Selection of Savory Crepes

Imported Cheeses

Tarte Flambe
creme fraiche, applewood smoked bacon,
caramelized onions & gruyere

Soup/ Salad
(choice of)

Three Onion Soup

Mixed Field Greens
tomatoes, caramelized onions, gouda,
sunflower seeds & champagne vinaigrette

les plats
(choice of)

Chicken Provencal Pasta
house-made nouille, arichokes, capers, olives,
tomatoes & onions

Steak & Frites
grilled petite filets, pommes frites
& bearnaise

Fennel & Tarragon Stuffed Trout
lemon-kale farro & candied orange wheel

swordfish, corvina, turbot & sole
in a rich tomato-tarragon-fennel broth

Eggplant Napoleon
 tomatoes, spinach, chevre & balsamic reduction

les Dessert
  (served family style)

chocolate souffle roulade, nutella crepe
& maple mascarpone cheesecake

Stationery draft

Yes, I lost my mind and learned calligraphy (book from the library, pen from Michaels). And hand wrote every envelope...

Pro tip: Keep a living list of addresses in one place, using your iPhone and or opening a million emails is counterproductive.  Learn from my mistake.

Stationery (thank you cards): hand made by my sister Jennifer. Even after the ones Miles ate (cue meltdown) we still had plenty.

Address Stamp: gift from Amie

Wedding planner: Wunderlist (tasks),  Evernote (itinerary, guest list info), Excel (budget). I read one bridal magazine and stepped nary a foot in a bridal expo. For me the magazine was all couture (i.e. not in my budget) and I already knew what vendors I wanted, so an expo would've been counterproductive.

Engagement Ring
wedding band (its hard to tell, but its rose gold)

Suit + Shirt: Saks off the Rack

Tie: Nordstrom Rack

Belt: Nordstrom Rack, already had

Shoes: John Varvatos. Nordstrom Rack, already had

Socks: Nordstrom Rack

Miles bow tie fabric
Collar Bow tie + Flower: handmade by my sister, Jennifer. Rubin's flower complimented my dress, and Miles bow tie matched Mark's suit. Co-or-di-nate. Supplies are from Michaels + Hobby Lobby, I think. I ran a marathon the day before and was pretty much too focused on walk/limping to notice where we were.

Am I the only one who had NO clue you had to pick up your marriage license post nuptials? I swear they said it was MAILED to us... Or perhaps I just prayed they'd mail it.

Dress fitting. She hemmed the front and left a fish tail on the back -- illusion of a train, if you will. 


Hair inspiration

Dress: J. Crew

Alterations: Queer Alt STL

Shoes: Badgley Mischka, found on Amazon $40 less than retail!

Make Up: MaryAnn, friend from college

Hair: Mom

Jewelry: Pearl teardrop earrings, a gift from Mark our first Christmas together

Undergarments: Bridal Shower gift

Nail Color: Mani, Essie "Blushing Bride" (from Ulta), Pedi, OPI "Danke Shiny Red"

Brunch Invitations: Wedding Paper Divasinvite + photo

Our officiant, Robyn did a wonderful job making our ceremony unique and completely emanating our personalities.

Mark penned our entire order of ceremony (that I then handwrote into a book).The effort he put forth...I'm speechless.

Writing our own vows was more special than I ever thought -- to reflect on your journey thus far, and the road that lies ahead -- have tissue nearby when you pen them.  Holy happy tears.

Ceremony Music: Gateway Guitars (acoustic) -- they made all our musical dreams come true, and learned our song "I Need My Girl" by The National for our processional. 

Best day, EVER.

Tell me all about YOUR wedding.

What was the best wedding YOU'VE attended? 

What is YOUR favorite thing about weddings?

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    Your meal… DROOLING. Did someone say Nutella?
    And #fml - bahaha! Such a good husband you have. :)

  2. Simply perfection. Big ole happy tears in my eyes right now :) So happy for you!

  3. Such good times! And I thought Cora got undressed to eat. Turns out her party clothes were too binding. Too bad I'm too grown to pull that off.


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