Monday Musings

Mar 9, 2015

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  1. Oscars Red Carpet. A-game, all around.  Lady Gaga sang the damn thing. 
  2. DWTS Season 20 cast. I'll be all eyes and ear come March 16th.
  3. Christina Aguilera as Cher and Britney. (Thanks Jennifer!)
  4. Dole Whip. Never had one, but I'm 99% sure it'll be my latest addiction and we have Desiree to thank for doing all the hard work
  5. I really need an excuse to use this. Plus I kind of like going myself.  Dilemma.
  6. Edible coffee cup -- yes. (Thanks Jennifer!)
  7. Core work, which I always need more of.
  8. Love has no labels (Thanks Jennifer!)
  9. These are adorable, yet no match for my travel hoarding... 
  10. Skills.  Mad photo skills

What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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