The Act Of Party(ing), Like A Rockstar: Wedding Editio

Mar 6, 2015

After the party is an AFTER party...

Because we just couldn't stop celebrating. 

Thus and so -- we hosted post wedding brunch the next day for immediate family, close friends, and coworkers.  Fifty four people, two dogs, and a keg.  Good times, good times had by all.

Remember that playlist I HAD to create? Didn't use it.  Pandora, for life.

Brunch Invitations from Wedding Paper Divasinvite + photo

One thought the menu was "simple," (see meltdown at Sam's) but looking back we bought way too much. I'm talking sending people home with bags of food and still drowning in food over shopping.  

Bloody Mary anyone?

-- menu --

Bloody Marys
Coffee (with Baileys)
Iced Tea
Assorted Cheeses 
Crudite with Hummus
Mini Yogurt Parfaits 
Fruit Salad
Shrimp Cocktails
Muffins, Scones, Cinnamon rolls
Banana Bread (made by yours truly)

Park Avenue catered the coffee (cream sugar, etc) along with the scones, muffins and cinnamon rolls 

Urban Chestnut -- keg

Costco/Sams/Schnucks/local grocer -- everything else

THESE ladies. Lauren (zebra top), Amie (polka dot top), Angie (purple top) and Mary Ann (top middle) met us for drinks the night before, then woke up early to come help us set up. Rock stars, all of them. 

Note also, in my hand was always a mimosa.  The entire day. I was thirsty.  Hence my odd ball face.  Ford models, call me.

Making it official. 

The marriage, not brunch, just to clarify.

Miles and Rubin were mostly on good behavior. 

After everyone left, the house returned to original state, and I had a nap we opened gifts.  Below are a few of the HYSTERICAL cards and uber creative gifts we received. 

Three guesses who this is from... (hint: Jennifer, haha)

Wine stoppers of Miles and Rubin.  I died.  Literally. 

My sister in law, the artist. This was the gift bag. Yes, bag. 

Nothing like some gentle prodding from Marks brother, "Congrats, now make some babies".  


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