A Few Of My Favorites (February) Edition

Apr 3, 2015

food + drink

(Favorite dishes are denoted in parentheses)

Dinner at Juniper and Peacemaker (Lobster Roll), happy hour with Amie, celebrating Mark's birthday with dinner at Cafe Natasha then drinks at Ryders.

Quebec: Dinner at Louis Herbert (Bouillabaisse), breakfast at Picardie , breakfast at Paillard (breakfast croissant), brunching at Panache, craft cocktails (our first experience, every drink was exquisite) at Bistro le Sam -- (practically) everything we ate on our honeymoon

From My Kitchen: Hummingbird Cake for grandma's birthday, (Super Bowl) Pizza Party replete with Candy Bar Cookie Bars, (Valentine's Day) Swordfish with roasted asparagus and twice baked potatoes and Brown Sugar Cupcakes (via Homemade Decadence).


GDFR -- Flo Rida


Criminal Minds

Also, DWTS and The Amazing Race are back!



 Two thumbs up to Desiree for the recommendation, it was a spectacular roller coaster ride.


Whether it was a Mani-pedi date with the girls, using class pass like a feen, our honeymoon, Girls Night Out, Valentine's Day or attending day of dance with my mom, February was a great month.

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  1. Who are your rooting for on DWTS?!! Please say Farmer Chris! :) I'm only obsessed with him because he's from Iowa.
    That book - my mom's book club read it and loved it too!
    Now please tell me you've picked up The Girl on the Train. #sofreakinggood


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