(Baked) Chicken Parmesan, Two Ways

Apr 8, 2015

One month, two separate chicken parmesan recipes.  

Go big or go home.

First up, Baked Chicken Parmesan via Shutterbean 

Double dreading? I like where this is headed.

Mega sale on those massive chicken breasts. MEGA. I told the tale of shopping treasures to Mark after each bite.  He was overjoyed.  Trust.

Paired with the totally-not-even-a-teeny bit nutritious but still divine Red Lobster biscuits, and roasted sweet potato, onion, mushroom.  

Dinner, is served.  Booyah.

Next, Mini Chicken Parmesan via Skinny Mom

Full disclosure, I subbed ground turkey. 

These little guys took minimal prep and dishes to prepare.  All great things in my book.

Baked to perfection and perfect for lunches, with a simple side salad.

Verdict: Two solid recipes. 

These, are keepers. 

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