Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups

Apr 17, 2015

Best laid plans. Wanted to test out this White Chicken Lasagna and failed to read said recipe prior to embarking.  

Oh the games I play.

Mentally committed, I "rolled" with it.

My adaptation (serves four) goes a little something like this:

Cook (nine) lasagna noodles according to package.

Saute garlic (1 clove), onions (one) and mushrooms (one cup) in butter (tbsp), adding parsley (tbsp), oregano (tsp), basil (tsp), fresh cracked pepper (1/2 tsp) and salt (tsp). Once cooked, set aside to cool.

Chop up chicken (leftover rotisserie, 2-3 cups) and add to bowl, along with Ricotta (half of a large container, 8 oz , but 16 oz would be even better) and spinach (10 oz, thawed and  moisture removed).Add cooled sauteed veggies and combine. 

Meanwhile, pour a bit of maraina (I used jarred, but home made is awesome too) in the bottom of your pan so your rolls don't stick.

Using one noodle at a time, spoon a portion of filling into the end of the noodle, and roll up (semi tightly), like so. 


Place rolls in pan, seam side down. Top with marinara, and sprinkle with fresh grated parmesan. 

Bake at 350 for 350-40 minutes. 

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Yep. Just pinned the heck out of this. It will be made. :)


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