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Apr 6, 2015

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  1. Sweat-working is the new networking. Yes.
  2. A piece on one of my favorite bloggers, Emily Schuman.
  3. Going back to school as an adult. Truer words have never been said.
  4. On junk running. Guilty.
  5. Yes! Just what I needed. A new (hilarious) sitcom , Weird Loners to feast on.
  6. On the "promposal". What?!
  7. Unrelated, but I really want/need to work on my handstand game (yes. I watched a tutorial even though I coached competitive gymnastics for six years). 
  8. The documentary on Scientology is intriguing, can't wait to watch.
  9. Because stress/anxiety is not a bad word and we all struggle. 
  10. Amy Schumer, I heart her. 
Have you been watching DWTS? 
Gah, The costumes, the dancing -- its almost too much. I love it so. 

Some of my favorite dances so far are:

Week 2: 

Week 3: 

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