Monday Musings

Apr 13, 2015

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  1. {Video} The Evolution of "Mom Dancing".
  2. The art of purse organization.
  3. Shopping made even simpler: Amazon Dash. Happy dance or Horror? You decide.
  4. On owning your sh$t.
  5. Breathtaking photos of mothers on their first day of motherhood.
  6. Need one of these!
  7. {Video} This may be the taper talking, but this totally made me cry.  Gosh I love running.
  8. The science behind spending for an experience, not things.
  9. Thirty Day Kettlebell Challenge. I'm in. And, its FREE.
  10. A fantastic stride for refugees from the IKEA Foundation

DWTS favorites, Week Four: Nastia, Patti, Willow.

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