A Few Of My Favorites (March) Edition

May 20, 2015

food + drink

Brunch at Rooster, Muffuletta madness at Blues City Deli, Oyster + Stout Festival, All-you-can-eat Crab for a friends farewell party, GNO at Gingers, replete with whole roasted chicken and creme brulee, Dinner at Pastaria (the ramen is EVERYTHING)

From My Kitchen: Nailing my second attempt at Hummingbird Cake for my uncles birthday, brunch nachosSt. Patrick's Day cookies. 


Oye 2014 -- Santana + Pitbull


Secrets and Lies 


Read my thoughts, HERE.


Finding a rug for our master bedroom (renovations are slowly coming together), a Mexican themed farewell party (tequila + pinatas spell PARTY), Mark taking the hounds to the vet solo, and returning with $200 of preventives we don't use, Jaleesa making deans list(!), late, boozy lunch with coworkers for March Madness (its a tradition and I'm not even a basketball fan), glimpses of Spring outdoors at my favorite place in STL running with a friend and walking with Mark and the hounds, seeing a good friend over Happy Hour, thoroughly loving Buti Yoga, getting oodles of great cookbooks from the library, quality hound time when Mark was away on business for a week, watching Honey I Shrunk the kids (childhood favorite) on my long run one Saturday, realizing I love hot yoga, not warm yoga (there is a difference), and, my first Diptyque experience (it was superb -- the facial rose water and perfume samples are incredible).

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  1. That cake. Yes, I'll take a slice. Nevermind. I'll take the whole thing.
    I just finished reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. Oh my word. It was good. Like, couldn't put it down at all, good. And, I even shed a few tears. Because of a book.


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