Everday, Ordinaire

May 1, 2015

March was so fun, I left things out. Silly me.

Baby sister. Freshman year. Deans List.

So, so, SO proud.

Sweet talked Mark into crafting creme brulee for girls night. 

And extra, because, hello.

Weather got considerably better, so I spent an entire weekend at my favorite place, with my favorite people.

When we walked past initially in the park, we saw someone chalking the pavement. Upon our return we found this.

How sweet is that!?!

Coffee Talk. 

I brought my own creamer, like a winner. 

Dear Mark, you should get an additional career so I can go on sabbatical (is that even a thing anymore?) because I have big plans in the kitchen with these two. 

If the French Onion Soup is any indication, we will be eating, WELL.

Blues City Deli. That, my friends, is a "half sandwich". Those triangles were larger than my hand and weighed at least a pound. Each.

Get the muffaletta

I've wanted a Diptyque candle for years. YEARS. I finally carped  my diem and made it happen.  Did I have it gift wrapped for myself? You betcha. 

One half of the Panagopolous'. It's been almost 365 days since our epic French adventure, and we are already planning a reunion.

Side note: MUST get new passport, stat. Details.

Brunch it real good.

The dog walker (Mark) worked late so I had hound duty. Their selfie game is a bit lacking. I'm working on them though.

When you are so entranced in a book, popcorn = dinner.

In case you missed it, part one of March's everyday, ordinaire

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  1. Big congrats to your sister making the Dean's List!
    You and Mark eat some of the most delicious looking food. Oh, my. That 2 pounder, HALF sandwich? I'll take 2… And that creme brûlée? GET IN MY BELLY!
    Before you travel out of country I think you should travel to the west coast first. Just sayin'. :)


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