Monday Musings

May 11, 2015

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  1. On faking it
  2. Clutter free kitchen commandments.
  3. A bakers dream.
  4. When social media and the justice system, collide.
  5. How to make baked goods, BETTER. Super guilty of not doing 1 + 3. And 6. 
  6. Beautifully written piece on living alone.
  7. True (food) confessions. I'm so #1, 7, especially 13.
  8. I need to start making these since the hounds think money grows on trees and lose them, constantly.
  9. Met Gala: the red carpet. Uma! Carey Mulligan! Zendaya!
  10. If you loved Center Stage, brace yourself for this new ballet drama on Starz.

Have you seens DWTS? Week seven was by far, my favorite week of late.  The shaping sound dance and tenth anniversary special were - EPIC. 

Week Seven: Noah, Nastia -- Immunity Dance: Riker + Willow

Week Eight: Riker, Chris  -- Trio: Nastia, Rumor

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