Monday Musings

May 18, 2015

Grab button for mm

  1. How every conference call I attend goes. Hilarious, and true.
  2. Lusting over these pretzel bagels. Curious about this greek yogurt. Happy to re-find out Trader Joes has a e-newsletter, so now I can take my obsession up a notch. If thats possible.
  3. Have to craft these scrambled eggs, now.
  4. On prioritizing workouts.
  5. It comes out this weekend, and I cannot wait -- Pitch Perfect 2. Now I need both soundtracks. and to rewatch the first movie. 
  6. My life. I make no apologies, I REALLY love food. 
  7. Thought provoking piece on, "The Tramp Stamp".
  8. Pet photography tips. Now I must take updated photos of the hounds.
  9. Must restart my DIY mani game. Summer is upon us.
  10. On what we tell ourselves to be true.

DWTS, Week Nine: Riker. Judges choice: Riker, Noah, Nastia.

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