Photo Diary: (Kitchen) Cutting Room Floor

May 6, 2015

What happens when you take incessant photographs of, everything? This post. 

Your welcome. 

Be it the the recipe wasn't a favorite or not, one must take the care to document all one billion photos on their iphone, just because.

Best laid plans to sneak extra vegetables into our meal without my husband proclaiming me the "unfun-est wife ever" because I refuse to allow him to binge eat nachos and frozen pizza on the daily. 

The result -- nope. Not good. Toss.

Broccoli Bread. Gorgeous color.  Just ok.

Pizza Bar (circa Super Bowl party)

Trader Joes pizza crust and the entire produce section, for the win

Mason Jar (tupperware) Salad. Works like a charm

Dinner and a movie.

Tried to get on the egg muffin train...

Everything looked (and smelled) promising

Hopes, the highest.

Verdict? Meh. 

I don't understand what all the fuss is about. 

Shrimp Scampi. 

Pass. I am a seafood purist, one should have known adding lemon would be disastrous for my taste buds. It looked beautiful though. 

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  1. The little egg muffin things have been tried in this house, too. Once. That was all we needed. I'll pass. Can I have a REAL egg (Mc)muffin? Say, from McDs? I'm kidding. Only slightly.


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