Every Summer Has A (Stylish) Story

Jun 25, 2015

Picnics. Outdoor Concerts. Humidity. 

Summer is here my friends. 

Despite the tropical climate of St. Louis (read: all humidity, all the time) and my stellar ability to sweat profusely upon stepping outdoors, Eshakti's {post sponsor!} summer collection is easy, breezy, and(!) custom made for even the most unique of body types, i.e. yours truly and the woes of her non-torso. 

 (initial Eshakti thoughts, HERE)

Side note: THIS is what hungover looks like, don't ask why I felt the need to document.

Moving on.

I've found a "few" things my closet is screaming for: this floral print, every-single maxi dress, this polka dot number, and -- chambray jumpsuit (drops mic). The newest collections: Bohemian, Retro, oh my! -- coupled with the site enhancements (and sales galore!) makes shopping as easy as one, two, -- full (shopping) cart. 

What? This old thing? Had it for years. 


If you shop at the speed of light with nary a regard for what your measurements are and no measuring tape in sight, fear not -- your sizes are stored handy dandy in your account to make customizing a cinch. Which reminds me, I should probably do that...

Don't leave, I have a point, (pinky) promise.

Eshakti is giving Y29 readers $35 off with the code: YEARTWENTYNINE35 thru 6/30/15. 

Happy customizing.

You are gonna look (and feel!) FANTASTIC.

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