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Jun 10, 2015

I'm forgetful. 

April came, and went (along with May and half of June, if you're counting).  

But(!), fear not. I'm here to overshare in past tense. 

And perhaps one day in present tense.

 I'm a work in progress. 


Cacio de Pepe testing. 

Dual screens = Boston Marathon live feed. 

Multitasking, at its finest.

Baby basil plant (it's still alive Mark, promise!) and office views.

Impromptu birthday gathering calls for (store bought) cake.

Tres Leches cake, the winningest. 

Earth Day = volunteering.

Bird Feeders.

And off the cuff train safety presentations. Always. #seetracksthinktrains

Post workout grocery shopping selfies. 

Mexican fiesta prep.


Spoiler alert: I made it halfway through (and enjoyed it) before I started PT.

This time, I went to the (endurance athlete) pro's. 


Pre-travel ritual.

Hey Denver.



Obsessed with corn as of late. OBSESSED.


If you haven't BBQ'd a sweet potato, you must. Wash, spray with a little coconut oil (or rub, I'm lazy), wrap in foil and set on grill till soft. Holy smokes batman.

John Hancocks.

Tablespoon Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ooey, gooey, do it.

Pizza and a book. 


French Onion Soup'ing.

Read this. 

Fruit me.

Sweet Potato Bake with a side of massive Red Lobster biscuit

C, is for Cookie.

Pre-long run fueling.

Hilarious movie.

I won!

Spoils from the library.

Roasted Romaine....

Kiss, for good luck. 

Spoiler alert, it worked

My favorite.

Racing for a good cause, and a great person.

When your baby sister wants a cookie cake...


Midday (desk) siesta.


New kicks.


Cake, meets upside down.

Can we have ice cream, everyday?

Never, will I ever. Nope.

All smiles.

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