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Jun 16, 2015

I've said thrice, I'll say it thrice more. May was equal parts epic and insanely busy. In case you missed it, part one.

Purchased solely because it was tiny and glass. Yogurt was ok.

It is always a treat to see a Cardinals game from a suite. 

There happened to be a beer pairing pre game for all the suites. There were beer floats. Not brave enough, so I had ice cream. 

Notice I put veggies on my plate. A rare find at the ballpark. Also, what's up with everyone pickling veggies. I'll eat mine raw, thanks.

Fuzzy's. Neat place, meh food. Maybe I ordered incorrectly.

Ferguson 5k

Sunday ritual.

Go-to eat and run meal: deli meat, string cheese, pickle, spicy mustard.

Try it. So good.

It was aca-awesome. I own being thirty two (and a half) and saying that aloud.

Twilight Tuesday GNO picnic. 

Say that five times fast. 

Impromptu dinner party = Faux shake shack.

Currently reading. 

Clementine's after dark. It was cold enough for Uggs, yet I still needed ice cream. Always. I've successfully transformed Mark into this (far superior) way of thinking.

Eating in bed.

Let's take bets now on how long our white-on-white-one white bedding stays its original hue. Again, at some point, we'll finish our master bedroom and I'll regale you with all the minutia. 


Epic. Dear gruyeye, I heart you.

Chicken Lady Chicken from My Paris Kitchen is LEGIT good.

Barre Method and my favorite juicery.

I heart Dailey Method more, but I'm glad I tried Barre. Similar yes, but different.

Summer Cake for the Memorial Day BBQ at my moms.

Followed by a cone at the cards game. 

It just became apparent I had dessert twice, in the span of three hours and had no idea. 

Side Note: soft serve is $3, while Ben and Jerry's is $9 at Busch. Your welcome.

I bought a massive jar of Nutella from Sams. Hold me.

Did I mention I REALLY like Clementine's?

The perfect ice pack: reusable ice cubes in ziploc. How have i not done this before?

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  1. The GNO picnic looks like perfection. I love the applesauce pouches -- you can find those floating around in my purse at any given time. :)
    Those twice baked potatoes. Oh. My. Word. I'd make those my entire meal.


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