Monday Musings

Jun 1, 2015

Grab button for mm

  1. I really WANT one of these
  2. The mystery continues, I'll just over here popping dramamine.
  3. F@$k That, a manifesto.
  4. The Jim Gaffigan Show hath begun.
  5. Read this (drool), and now I'm making this, tomorrow. Life, complete.
  6. Questions to ask at the dinner table. 
  7. Why I don't want help with the dishes even though I'm an extrovert.
  8. An open letter to all my friends.
  9. Girl on the Train -- from book to big screen.
  10. I still have yet to use this (or really know what it is), but now I kinda want to find out.

DWTS Finale, (week 10): Derek + Julianne's dance to Elastic Heart was -- GAH. Yes. The freestyles were creative, the finale was epic and I'm glad Rumer won, though I had no strong feelings towards any competitor to take the trophy. Season Eleven in September? Yes, please.

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