Photo Diary: Just Call Me, Dumpling

Jun 5, 2015

We love one another (most days) + we love to cook (everyday) = cooking class, together

We do the bonding.

After scouring the class list we decided on something neither of use has ever prepared, along with the prerequisite the class had to be hands on.

Enter, Chinese Dumplings.

The menu was vast(!):

Traditional Chinese dumplings (pork/shrimp)
Shrimp/Lobster dumplings
Crab rangoon
Potstickers (same filling as dumplings)
Egg rolls (vegetarian and mushroom)
Home Made Dumpling dough
Wonton Soup


Caramel Soy 
Black Vinegar-Scallion
Cilantro Mustard
Nuoc Cham
Sweet Chile
Plum Ginger

We learned dough,  two ways:


and homemade.

I wasn't on dough duty, but that group said it was easy to prepare. 

Chopped lemongrass for the first time. 

You gotta put your back into it, but the result speaks for itself.  I kept asking if I was done, and the instructor was like, "keep going".  

Fantastic arm workout, trust.

Dumpling filling.

Photo credit on this gem goes to Mr. Piper, who was against snapping photos during class. For the record.


Loosely translated to mean, "money purse".

Plum sauce, in the making.

Whisk it. 

Crab Rangoon prep. 

Did you know crab rangoon is not traditional Chinese cuisine?  

Me either.

We learned how to make whole lobster (no photo, I was entranced). Its far less scary than I thought. But I also did not touch the actual lobster. And, no, it didn't make noise, or jump out the pot like I imagined.

Pot Stickers (with package dough).

We did potstickers two ways, traditional 

and restaurant, which includes boiling first to pre cook the filling, then quick frying in the pan. 

Photo above is the homemade dough.

In my opinion, I favored the homemade dough taste, but the package dough has a crispness/texture that I liked more. Both were delicious, so you can't go wrong.

Egg Rolls for days.

Crab Rangoon

Now, we feast (and there's wine!)

Won Ton Soup

It's literally broth and spices with a few dumplings thrown in. It so yummy I totally decided it take forever to prepare. Nope.

What a delicious way to spend time together, and cook. 

Want more? Vegan cooking class

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  1. Then I died and when to heaven. I want it all (minus the pork kind).
    Holy moly, it all looks so freaking delicious.
    Scott and I have talked about doing a cooking class together. It looks/sounds like the best time.


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