Photo Diary: Mama

Jun 26, 2015

This year, we were lucky enough to celebrate Mother's Day, with both our mothers, under one roof. Add in 2/3 of their children, two hounds, a hike, brunch, and well, the weekend was kinda totally awesome.

Minus my mother lecturing my driving, through a rainstorm, at 8p in the country. That, was a stress sandwich. My palms are sweating just thinking about it.

Thankfully for us, it was Food Truck Friday, so we swung by to grab food before we hit the road.

Snacks, mandatory.

It is not a celebration without cake.

Cool kid.

Family breakfast.

Uncle Mark


You wear my sunglasses, I take your picture.


My husband climbed up, and leapt off that cliff as a child. Repeatedly.

Insert wide-eyed-horror emoji.


Cue Boys II Men. Note: I weep every-time I hear this song.

Squeezing in a little history.


T-minus one month till Jennifer comes home for a visit. Not that I'm counting.

Dip cone.

Dinner alfresco.

Miles and Cora playing Barbies. 

No barbies (or tiny accessories) were eaten. Thank goodness.

Also, I live for the lighting in their family room. 


Tiny feet.

Where is he looking? Pretty sure my eyes are closed. 

This one's a framer folks. 

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1 comment:

  1. That cliff?! NOPE!
    I want your food. All of it. (I'm a broken record)


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