Photo Diary: Princeton Hounds

Jun 3, 2015

As one attempts to catch ones breath from the month that was May (so many wonderful things to overshare coming, pinky promise!), let me regale you with gems from a recent trip back to Mark's hometown for the weekend. 

Warning: an obscene amount of hound photos. If given the choice, Miles and Rubin would leave us in a heartbeat for the expanse, that is my inlaws backyard.

These days I cannot go anywhere without baking first. Made this gem in honor of my father in law who is finally(!) semi-retiring. Because gingerbread is his favorite and I aim to please.

If you recall (read: haven't banned the epic vomit tales from your memory already), the hounds get CARSICK that rivals my car sick, which makes for a super fun four hour trek. 

Thanks to our vet, we finally (hallelujah and praise God) got them on meds that keep the vomit at bay and our marriage intact. 

After about fifteen minutes of excess drooling (better than vomit, any day) they fall into a mixed state of slumber/relaxation that can only be described as, heaven. Because dual barfing in a moving vehicle is no one's idea of a good time. Now, if I could get my husband to drive the speed limit (or heaven forbid faster!) and cease his incessant requests for me (also carsick) to "turn around and see how they are doing" (arms distance away) we'd be golden. 


Gem from the grocery store -- this is not a joke. 

I want no part of that, ever. 

Read this book. 

Took the hounds on a long walk to meet Marks grandpa.

I want this sign.  

Grandpa Bob's landscaping. I swear the entire family has a green thumb. 

Because they were all farmers. 

The Piper backyard. It backs up to a golf course, and there are no fences, so our two city hounds thought heaven was their playground.

Tiptoeing through the tulips.

Happy to report, nary a tulip was destroyed. 

My big guy.

My gal.

Their yard had vols, and the hounds keep sticking their noses into the holes. How cute is that little pup butt in the air?!

Rubin ran (she's SO fast!) till she wore herself out, passed out on the ground to rest.  

Repeat, one hundred times.

Clearly my calling her name to snap a photo was rude of me. That face!

This guys poses for the camera... 

And after awhile, my incessant begging bores her, so she cooperates. 

Sometimes I pinch myself because I'm so grateful to call these three my family.

Other times I want to (and do) hide from them all. Full disclosure.

Miles is obsessed with my mother in law because she gives him lots of attention (because he demands it), so she was rewarded by sleeping at her feet. 

Cutest thing, ever.

And there you have it, the fabulous life.

Man, its tough to be a hound...

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  1. Your food. Stop. I need it all. Minus that loaf of whatever. That? That can just stay away.
    All that SPACE for your pups! Heaven, indeed. I'm DYING for some space like that for myself (and my child, and my dog).


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