What's In Your, Gym Bag

Jun 17, 2015

As a fitness junkie and all around Class Pass aficionado (read: utterly and totally smitten/obsessed), I outfit my gym bag with  a bit of everything so that regardless of the where I find myself, everything I need is at my fingertips.

Plus, you learn real fast to get your life after you have to use your hot yoga mat towel in the shower, forget soap, or pack half your clothes. Guilty, as charged.

It has taken a bit to curate the "perfect" bag, but now that its complete replenishing is easy peasy. And there are no more "emergency trips home/to Walgreens.

Here's what (currently) resides in my gym bag to make the transition from life to workout, effortless:

Face Moisturizer
Hair ties + Bobby Pins
Moroccan Oil
Feminine products
Shower Cap
Body Spray/Perfume
Face Wash
Wet Wipes
Curling Iron
Body Wash
Shampoo/Conditioner (doubles for shave cream + body wash)
Flip flops
Laundry Bag

Pro tip: Keep a stash (or hoard, like yours truly) of hotel toiletries when you travel, they are perfect (and free!) to have on hand for your bag, overnight guests and the like.

What's in YOUR gym bag?

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