Working On My Fitness: March + April

Jun 24, 2015

Notwithstanding my utter inability to pen novellas as of late, my fitness game has been on, POINT. Have I mentioned how utterly in L-O-V-E I am with Class Pass? At this season of life it gets me up (before sunrise), out of the house and keeps my body challenged. Trust, I'm taking full advantage of this luxury until it no longer proves humanly possible. I can rise, get my sweat on, work, and once my feet touch ground at home, I have the luxury of spending the evening with my family, cleaning up the neverending tumbleweeds of dog hair, or (gasp!) watching TV. Mind you, I have nary a race on the books for fall, so once I do, my schedule shall adjust. For for now, I'm thoroughly savoring every moment. 

Side note: The master bedroom remodel is (dare I say) almost complete, and I'm happy to report the comforter depicted above is actually on the bed. I even cut the price tag off the door stop. After the month of May and the total burnout we experienced after we began (in January for those counting at home), we finally are in the finishing touches phase. Even though we still need to paint the effing ceiling. Progress is progress. Try and argue me on that, I dare ya.

1-4 HERE
5 Rest
6 Burn1000
7 Rest
8 Yoga
9 Dailey Method
10 Shred415
11 Rest
12 Rest
13 Hybrid TRX
14 Run (11 miles)
15 Run (3 miles)
16 Dailey Method
17 Hot Yoga
18 Spin
19 Shred415
20 Run (5 miles)
21 Walk FP + Run (9.55 miles)
22 Walk FP
23 Run (3.31)
24 Rest
25 Dailey Method
26 Shred415
27 Buti Yoga + Run (3 miles)
28 Run (10 miles)
29 Rest
30 Walk (2 miles)
31 Hot Yoga Sculpt + Run (3.45 miles) 

1 Hot Yoga
2 Run 4 miles  + Pilates
3 Buti Yoga + Run (11 miles)
4 Rest
5 Shred415
6 Dailey Method
7 Shred415 + Run 3.51 
8 Hot Yoga
9 Spin
10 Buti Yoga
11 Run 1.50 
12 Go STL Half Marathon (2:18:05)
13 Rest
14 Rest
15 Yoga
16 Rest
17 Rest
18 Rest
19 Rest
20 Dailey Method
21 TRX Core and More
22 Zumba + 200 Kettlebell Swings
23 200 KB Swings
24 Buti Yoga
25 50 KB Swings
26 Pilates + 75 KB Swings
27 Dailey Method
28 PT + 150 KB Swings
29 Rest
30 Yoga (in Denver, because class pass is EVERYWHERE!)

Do YOU keep a fitness diary? I've been logging everything, including shoe mileage, weight, and the like for a few years (in excel) and really enjoy looking back on where I was then, and where I am now.

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  1. I have never thought of keeping a fitness diary but after reading this post I think I may start. Do you use a template?

    1. I use this template for my mileage (, logging my workouts, weight, etc in it. Its really helpful and motivating to see how far i've come. Let me know if you try it!


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