A Few Of My Favorites (April) Edition

Jul 9, 2015

food + drink

Tres leches cake for a friends birthday, hosting a Mexican fiesta, taking a Chinese Dumpling class with Mark, Blackthorn pizza post long run, and Easter brunch at Nathalie's.


6ft 7ft -- Lil Wayne


The Following -- late to the party, but I bought, and binge watched every season in a month. #obsessed


Couldn't turn the pages fast enough.


Playing hangman with Jennifer, seeing the Kingsman  + Get Hard (for $5!), my favorite buti yoga class made was the news(!), using the hounds paw prints for their greeting card signature, celebrating Jaleesa's birthday dinner, spending the weekend with my in-laws, Girls Night Out, volunteering on Earth Day, taking a high energy zumba class, going on a caffeine crawl, and travelling to Denver on a business trip.

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  1. Loved Girl on the Train...didn't see the end coming until it was happening lol


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