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Jul 10, 2015


This latest library haul was fantastic, filled with page turners (The Silent Wife, The Good Girl, What Alice Forgot) that whizzed by because I stayed up far past my bedtime gobbling up every word. Meb for Mortals was a easy, informative read highlighting things we as runners forget but are so important, back to basics, if you will. Date Night In is a must get -- the concept in itself is genius, and each recipe we've tried to date has been a slam dunk.  The two Cupcakes and Cashmere books sent me into full creative mode, and in a mad quest to find the blueprints to our home (Mark is afraid, as he should be) loads of simple tips, tricks and the like for you and your home. My Paris Kitchen is a gold mine. Do it. Sweet Paul is effortlessly delicious, without being pretentious and I loved it.

Have you read any good books as of late?

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  1. A few of these are waiting patiently on my bookshelf to be read. I hadn't heard of Meb of Mortals, however, must add it to the list!!


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