Photo Diary: Denver

Jul 22, 2015

Sometimes, my career takes me to a new city I've never explored and I get all kinds of excited. I'd been to Denver a few years back for a conference, but we all car pooled, thus eliminating the option to explore, solo.  So this time round I made it a point to get out and see the city during every moment of free time, and by golly, I'm ready to make a return trip now.

 PT supplies, snacks, ipad, sunglasses, eye drops (my eyes dry so much on flights), face wipes (recycled plan air = oily skin), emergen C (to keep my immune system top notch while traveling).

Pre-travel ritual

Next stop, Denver

Views from my hotel room

Dreaming of a rainfall shower at home. 

Mark, I'm talking to you. #happywifehappylife

The above bed art was incredible 

As were the built in chargers on the side.

Put my Class Pass (its FREE to use in other cities internationally!) to good use and hit a yoga class in Cherry Creek.  It was just what I needed.

Rental = monster

It had a back up camera which was key in my parking. I didn't hit anything! 


I really wanted to trail run through the park, but was alone and thought with my directional skills it'd spell disaster, so I drove the park, stopping along the way to snap photos. 

Souvenir for Mark. And myself. Duh.

Both flights were excessively(!) delayed, leaving the sourest of distaste for United Air. The only (semi) silver lining was seeing Bill Rancic at Lambert airport

Have you ever been to Denver?

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  1. My love for Denver (and basically the whole state of Colorado) runs deep. While I've only been a few times I dream of going back all. the. time. We actually hoped at one point that Scott's job would actually place us in Denver. However, apparently everyone and their mother wants to live in Denver, and we're like 1 millionth on the list to be transferred there. Boo-hoo.
    Your trip looks glorious. And next time, go for a run in that park. A straight out-and-back route and you should be set. :)


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