Photo Diary: Indihop

Jul 31, 2015

The Grove + Cherokee Street, and a (free!) shuttle to boot? That, my friends is Indihop, a fifty four stop (we made it to twenty seven, which is plenty) beer tasting tour unlike any other. 

Rocking wedges on a walking tour was the worst idea I've had to date. 

Also, blisters.

Twas rainy, but not enough for vanity to go completely out the window, Nice gesture though.

Michelle and Mark posed themselves.


One stop was next to a bakery. We all know I stopped for snacks.

Checking stops off the list.

So. Much. Beer.

Happy Saturday, indeed.

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  1. Yes, to ALL of this. Clearly I need to plan a visit so I can join in on this delightfulness. This looks like the best idea ever (minus the wedges, plus at LEAST two more bakery items). :)


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