April Eats

Aug 7, 2015

So much food, so little time. Because, I'm eating. Shocker. Here's a look back on recipes tested in April.

Vegan Tablespoon Cookies

I've made them a shameless amount of times since finding this recipe.  Shameless.

LOVED the chicken, the romaine was a nice change, but once was enough.

French Onion Soup via My Paris Kitchen

An oniony labor of love. Comfort food all the way.

Sweet Potato Bake -- born out of a day filled to the brim, leaving zero motivation to cook. It's efficient, its easy, it's so flavorful.

Spray baking pan with coconut oil. Toss in chopped Sweet Potato, Onion, Peppers, and sliced sausage (any will do, chicken is our favorite of late). Sprinkle a bit of your favorite seasoning (we love slap yo mama), cover with foil and bake till tender.

Which reminds me, we need to host another party and prepare the spoils learned from Chinese Dumpling class.

Always a teeny bit intimidated by scones, I never even entertained the thought till I came upon this recipe.  They are wicked easy to prepare and fresh from the oven will make you salivate for days on end and dream about them.

Old favorite, the skillet cookie. This time with some white chocolate chips. 

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