Shake Shack

Aug 28, 2015

It started out seemingly innocent. 

Read an article on Epicurious, about the "secrets to making a shake shack burger" and could barely keep myself from salivating on my keyboard. Side note, I want a butter wheel for Christmas. I'd never had Shake Shack (hint: they are dominating the burger revolution of late), but after reading that article, I was bound and determined to, immediately. 

Thankfully, I stumbled across a recipe for fake shack burgers and fries. My mission was clear. And, as fate would have it, Mark's parents were coming for a visit, so we invited a few friends/family over for -- you guessed it, burgers and fries.

Of note: a business trip took me to Chicago a few weeks after we made them at home, where there is Shake Shack. I spent far too much money to park my rental and got stuck in horrific traffic, but, it was worth it . So worth it. Those cheese fries...

I digress.

Giddy for the opportunity to test out a new recipe I danced through the grocery aisles grabbing all the essentials.

Once home the real work began. Potatoes were scrubbed, cut, seasoned and placed in the oven.

Meanwhile burger accoutrements were prepared, whipping up a batch of Shake Shack's secret sauce, mandatory.

I am vehemently anti-mayonnaise, but this sauce, was -- incredible. Just a smear, nothing over the top, made all the difference. Trust.

Fresh french fries. There is no better smell.

Potato Buns, butter grilled to (semi burnt) perfection...

Now, we feast. Burgers, fries salad. You know, to make it healthy like.

Open, WIDE.

The burgers as a whole were a total win, great fresh flavors, crunchy pickles, cool sauce, and those potato buns? Have mercy. Next time I'll season my meat prior to cooking, surely my cast iron skillet doesn't hold all the yummy bits of grease soaked seasonings embedded in it like at Shake Shack. As for the fries, everyone loved them, I was lukewarm. Perhaps next time I'll tempt their cheese sauce, because cheese makes everything awesome.

Overall, a successful casual dinner I'd highly recommend.

Now I want Shake Shack...

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