Is This Thing, ON?

Sep 18, 2015

Hey there. 

Many apologies for the semi radio silence. Turns out, there is the thing called "backing up your computer" and you should do so (often!) onto an external hard drive in case something happens. Well, I learned this tidbit the hard way as the last Mac update I installed has taken me more hours than I'd like to admit with Apple tech support (those folks have the patience of saints), hyperventilating that all was lost. So bear with me as I (re)organize my all 30K plus(!) photographs (somehow they all duplicated and separated themselves) and get back into the swing of things around here because I sure do miss each of you.

If you have any tips on uploading photos from iphone to Mac would be greatly appreciated. I plug in each time and just know there has to be an easier way. 

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  1. We have an external hard drive that is plugged in each night. Apparently it uploads any new photos/documents automatically (or so Scott tells me). Good luck with technology (if it isn't fixed by simply turning off and on I'm pretty much hosed)!


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