Penny For My Thoughts: Bulu Box

Sep 3, 2015

Receiving mail makes me giddy. So when yours truly had the opportunity to review a Bulu Box via Sweat Pink (post sponsors!) I couldn't say "yes" quickly enough.

If you are like I, and had no idea what Bulu Box is: a monthly health and nutrition discovery box filled with samples. 

Let's dig in.

Urgent Rx Upset Stomach: Thankfully summer illness has not descended upon our home, but when it does, I've got this at the ready.

Martha Stewart Vegetarian Multi Vitamin Gummies: Gifted these to my husband the non vitamin taker. He has been chomping on gummy goodness since the box arrived and even said "these aren't bad". Whatever it takes to get your vitamins in, my love.  "Not bad" is praise from him, fyi.

Movit Energy Gummies: My race calendar is bare at present, however these are perfect for long runs. The fact they contain less sugar and energy chews gets hearty praise my my sensitive tummy.

Nuvia Cafe: Coffee and I aren't on speaking terms right now (I'm devastated, truly) , but I've got this gem tucked away for an emergency java jolt, or a pick-me-up-smoothie mixed with a frozen banana and milk.

BPI Sports Fun Bar: Sugar and gluten free I had high hopes for these babies. The highest. While the flavors tasted yummy (chocolate and caramel), I couldn't help but notice a slight chalky aftertaste, which was a bit off putting.

Undecided. I didn't dislike the box, but was a bit underwhelmed. I will order another box or two before declaring love or not. The premise of health based samples is not lost on me and its refreshing to see niche subscription boxes.

Give Bulu Box a try so you can decide for yourself using code SWEATPINK for 50% off a 3-month subscription. I'd love to know what you think! 

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  1. That Bulu Box looks ah-may-zing! Just go ahead and give me all the samples.


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