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Oct 21, 2015

Fully aware it is officially mid-October, but humor me and let's talk about the first half of June now that yours truly has (partially!) dug herself out of computer purgatory. For now. 

New shoes. Let's not stare at my freakishly small ankles, mmkay?

Mail makes me dance.


Post PT strength training goals. Speaking of, perhaps I should do these, soon. 

What doughnut dreams are made of. Now I want a doughnut...

Protein shaking things up. 

Pro tip: Use frozen bananas and you don't need ice. 

Cross Fit.


Swap meet treasures.



My gorgeous mama. 

Have I told you how much they love to be woken up at 5a?

Whittaker Music Festival with my guy. And champs, always. I love living in the city.

Aerial Yoga. 

We have lemons! Too bad the squirrels ate them, jerks.

Super stoked about our new picnic glasses.  Can you believe they are plastic?!


Gardener in the city. 

The fiercest of drag shows, honey.

You guessed it, creme brulee. We know what we like.

Made my own sports drink. Fail.

Someone got into the mail -- facepalm.

Retro snacking.

Flemish Beef Stew testing. Winner. 

Cauliflower (crust) enchiladas. Amen.

Toddler toes.

One day, we'll complete our master bedroom renovation -- its only been going on since, last Christmas.

My kryptonite.

Blueberry crumble muffins. Makes taste buds happy. 

That's toothpaste and I didn't notice it, until after I finished working out...

You guys, I did it. I finally prepared the perfect carbonara. #lifegoals. 

I'll share all the recipes soon, pinky promise.

My first, and last mug of  "office coffee".  It really is as bad as portrayed.

Trunk tetris.

We now have something over our bed! 
Three cool points if you know where that photo was taken...

Chantilly Cream. Fear not, Miles just spectates, no boozy cream for him.

Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack = shameless concerts in my car.

Breakfast sandwich game, on point.

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  1. Now I want a donut, cookie butter, crem brûlée, a 90s ice cream on a stick, and clearly need to work out. Also. The photo - your European trip... Say, France, perhaps?


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