Oct 30, 2015

The opportunity one has to truly be, "home alone" are few and far between, so when Mark and the hounds went up to see his parents a day ahead of me, I did what anyone would do. I savored every.single.second, that obviously had to been documented to remind me dream really do come true.

And that my home can, indeed, stay clean for twenty four glorious hours.  

Its the little things.

Ran to Sam's on my lunch to stock up on necessities and found the cutest laundry hamper for the hounds towels and blankets. 

5:42 arrive home, light a candle, unload car from Sam's trip

5:49 open half bath door (it has to be left closed because Miles likes to eat toilet paper), change into comfy clothes, turn on food network, preheat oven

6:02 clean main floor, talk to Jennifer on the phone, prep cake for in laws (forty fourth!) anniversary

7:08 eat dinner whilst watching Chopped, put cake in oven

7:34 check cake

7:51 take cake out, finish cleaning main floor, take out trash, check house (hello, I was home alone, had to ensure everything was locked, twice), sweep upstairs hallway

8:55 pack, lay out gym clothes

9:32 get in bed, pay bills for the month, organize for the week

10:19 Watch Veep, read blogs

11:19 lights out

When was the last time you were home alone? What did you do?

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