Monday Musings

Oct 5, 2015

Grab button for mm

  1. Emmy's Red Carpet. Taylor! Sarah! Lena! Taraji! Maggie! Nazanin!! + Viola Davis' speech.  And her daughter congratulating her.
  2. On Cherishing your girlfriends
  3. SATC, part three?! Fingers crossed it becomes a reality.
  4. My mom totally did this to me as a sassy teenager.
  5. Seven types of canned tomatoes, explained.
  6. Young House Love, on life after blogging.
  7. DWTS -- week two: Alek, Tamar, Alexa, Nick, Paula, Carlos, Hayes. Week three: Was it just me, or was the guest judge a bit extra? Tamar, Alexa, Gary, Alek, Nick. Are you watching? Who are you are you loving?
  8. Understanding google analytics.
  9. Chalkboard signs always give me a giggle.
  10. Fruit flies are an epidemic in our kitchen (dramatic, yes), totally trying this trick, ASAP.

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