The Business of Being Knocked Up: First Trimester

Oct 15, 2015

Currently seventeen weeks along, I've finally been able to stay conscious long enough to detail all that is my first trimester (in case you missed it, our pregnancy announcement).

How I felt could best be described as, survival mode. As the primary cook I found myself trying with no avail to meal plan through morning sickness (which, by the way was from about 10a-8p each day, in case your wondering) that resulted in a lot of wasted food, near fainting spells at the grocery store, many a debit transactions for takeout and consuming anything I could keep down with minimal dry heaving. At one point I ceased cooking all together, relying solely on the freezer section at Trader Joe's to feed us. At some point Mark inquired about our dietary changes (I usually cook from scratch 3-4 days a week) and offered to cook twice a week (I would still meal plan), which helped tremendously, being so focused on how crummy I felt -- I went from the gym to work and directly into bed (by 5:30 each night), the thought to ask for help never occurred, but was much appreciated and was my first lesson in humility second only to crippling anxiety I was "being pregnant wrong"  and all the negative thoughts that accompany it. The support system around me has been nothing short of spectacular and for that I am eternally grateful.

Apple Cider donuts, forever


 I found that if I had an apple first thing in the morning, food was better tolerated (i.e. I could stomach chewing). Grilled cheese and carbs of any kind were on heavy rotation, and I frequented Crazy Bowls more times than my checkbook would prefer for lunch due to the fact my carefully packed lunches that seemed edible that morning, were gag worthy come meal time. Aversions are real. Case in point, coffee. The smell sent me into a tailspin so deep the thought of consumption made bile rise in my throat. My diet changed drastically due to morning sickness, so my usual breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner went out the window and whenever I could coerce a morsel into my mouth, regardless of when/what it was (there was a lot of candy, pizza and once, even fried chicken) -- an apple before 10a, nibbling on whatever I could hold down from 10a-8p, then dinner around 8:30-9p. Nuun and vitamin water (ice cold!) saved me from dehydration.


 No changes in my workout schedule of 5-6 days a week (or less depending on how I felt), but in terms of class type there were some revisions: eliminated bikram (hot) yoga per my OB (much to my chagrin), so I added in a slow morning class and a  warm (85 degrees!) slow flow class in its place. Tried GRIT for the first time and LOVED it, but knew it was a bit too vigorous a class to begin at this point, so I only went once with plans to return postpartum. I stopped one cross fit class as well because I was pretty new to it, continuing on with Speed Play which is as a HIIT/Cross Fit hybrid. My beloved Shred415 took a back burner due to morning sickness and broke my heart, but nobody wants vomit on their decks and treads. Also, I bought Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project (from Amazon) -- it rocks.

I should note that save for Bikram, the fitness revisions were self imposed based on how I felt, my OB was 100% ok with me running (slowing down when my body deemed necessary) and working out as much as I'd like, taking care to really focus on correct body postures as to not throw out my back as my body changed. I felt the new-to-me classes had to be put on hold because I know myself and don't focus on body mechanics like I should and instead chose to focus on workouts I was already comfortable with. As for racing, my OB was on board, but preferred I not race for time, so I decided not to race till after the babe is born because I'm far too competitive (with myself) to refrain from going full out -- I've been researching races with almost the same frequency as nursery decor :)

Total weight gain: 5.2 pounds

Surprises about being pregnant

 Cramping, acne, fatigue (this was the most shocking, beginning around week 5/6), weird dreams, (uncontrollable) flatulence, frequent (like every hour in the middle of the night) urination, and the violent shifts from fine to boiling hot and the accompanying full body sweating.  And mood swings? I sobbed during the comedy Trainwreck, if that gives you a clue.

Learning which ovary I ovulated from (left) at our eight week ultrasound and that  I have fibroids on my ovary, which I had zero idea (or symptoms) about. Thankfully, my OB sees no issue with the fibroids at this point so all is normal as far as gestation thus far. Should it grow or move, we may have to discuss a possible cesarean, but again, we will cross that bridge should it come upon us. 

Bought anything: A onesie (seen in the announcement video) and a bella band, that is magic.

Calls to my OBGYN: Two. One, for what turned out to be implantation spotting (week 5), and the other from my tumble down the back steps after it had rained (week 4).

Symptom diagnosis via Google: infinity

-- Journal--

Week 3: Holy shit, is that two lines?! Let's take another test. Yep, two lines, holy shit.

(next day) Just to be sure, let's take another test. Yep, still positive. Is it normal to test daily?

Week 4: Totally on my vitamin game. Crushing it.

I've cried three times today. It's 8:25a.

Seltzer water tastes like punishment.

Miles barfed twice this morning so I researched toxoplasmosis hoping I'd get a get outta jail free card for dog poo pickup, nope. Just cats. Damn.

Told Mark today, Not exactly as I (or he) envisioned it (he thought we'd take the test together), c'set la vie.

Wiped out going down the porch steps (after it rained) on the way to brunch. Hang tight wee one. Oy, also Ouch. Sacrum bruising commences, now.

The smell of chicken wafting upstairs is reminiscent of rotting corpses.

Week 5: Smoothie for breakfast was terrible idea. Noted. My apologies.

Road trip! Ohio here I/we come.

Week 6:  My Back. Also, apples forever. Speed play workout? Crushed it.

Week 7: Cheeseburgers forever. Give me sleep or give me, SLEEP.

Week 8: (at our first prenatal visit) Hello there gummy bear...

Week 9: Nausea be like, incrementally better.

 Jennifer loves me, mail and nausea busters, winning.

Manual (7min/mile) treadmill intervals, nailed it.

Week 10: Chocolate AND coconut gelato, yes. Nausea, no.

This birthday was the tops. Prenatal massage (thanks baby daddy!) here I come!

Week 11: Mood swings like whoa. 


Shake Shack cheese fries forever. 

Give me caramel apples.

Week 12: I feel like there is, indeed a light at the end of the first trimester tunnel. First cup of coffee (no dry heaving!) in weeks and I stayed conscious until 10p, without a nap. Hallelujah.

Week 13: Secrets officially out. Also, smoothies are delicious again, I'm back in the game.

What surprised you about being pregnant? Coping with fatigue. It really takes everything out of you. Everything.

Biggest "aha" moment? Asking for help and communicating my concerns instead of google diagnosing/terrifying myself to tears. Trust me, don't google. 


  1. This is the cutest little bumpdate ever.
    Keep crushing those workouts. Your body will love you, and thank you, during and after pregnancy. I promise.
    And, STAY AWAY from Dr. Google!!
    Can't wait to read more of these!

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