Watermelon Sangria

Oct 28, 2015

Don't hate me. By and large watermelon season is over (boo), but(!) one had to share this boozy sangria. 

Had to.

Watermelon Sangria via Joy the Baker

First, line up all the party people. 

Blend up all the fruity goodness.

Pop a few of each fruit in the pitcher for fancy sake. 

Muddle them, if it makes you happy.

Strain blended goodness. 

Pro tip: Don't be a knucklehead like I and use the teeniest strainer in all of America.

Pour sangria into your fanciest champagne flute, and guzzle in your yoga pants. Like a winner.

1 comment:

  1. I'll take one (pitcher). Please and thank you.
    It still feels like summer, and I can still find watermelons. I might have to make this.


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