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Oct 23, 2015

Ever since I can recall, (clothes) shopping was an full sensory experience and one of my fondest childhood memories. There wasn't a fitting room that went unused at the mall and once we returned home with all our spoils we would put on a second fashion show, replete with accessories. 

Oh, the joys of being one of three girls. 

Fine, perhaps I was the only one who demanded all the pomp and (fashion) circumstance, I'm not ashamed.  

To date, this tradition still applies, and my husband has learned fashion show protocol (the hard way). He's probably silently praying we have all boys...

No stranger to Stitch Fix (see more on my four past fixes), I pounced on a maternity Stitch Fix once I entered my second trimester and the need to add pieces to my wardrobe became a necessity. It is mind boggling how one week you can rock a pencil skirt and the next, your husband is gently trying to tell you it won't zip, at all.  Vanity be cruel. 

Updated my style profile and detailed how I envisioned maternity style for myself: lots of layers (hello March 2016 due date) to accommodate the season change and ever vacillating body temperature shifts from freezing to boiling. 

Upon delivery (gosh I love snail mail) I set up a fashion show with my tripod (thanks Jennifer!) and remote to celebrate. This was the best experience I've had, to date while being pregnant. Finding clothes that represent you and don't resemble a tent is a fine, fine line to toe my friends. 

Erika nailed it. #stylistofthecentury

The leggings were fantastic. Cozy, fitted, and the zipper detail gives it just enough edge allowing you to rock them day or night. For keeps. 

Burgundy Tunic: perfect in length and cut, but I needed to size up to fully utilize its awesomeness longer. Returned.

Grey Cardigan: light, flowy and hugged all the right places. Sadly I'm a sweater hoarder and already have four. Returned.

Full disclosure: I totally had to google blanket scarf styling. And desperately need to work on my facial expressions...

In a twist of fate, I'd just purchased a blanket scarf, so this one went back.

Blue Top: Not the most flattering (to me), but it was uber comfortable and could have totally grown into it. Returned.

Now that, is how you spend thirty minutes. In the comfort of your own home, armed with the arsenal of your closet for maximum styling options. The fact you get mail doesn't suck either.

Sashay, shante...

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? 

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  1. Your stylist NAILED it!! Those leggings - swooning!!
    I received my first fix this week! Only regret was waiting so long to join in the fun!


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