Working on My Fitness: July

Nov 27, 2015

Oh July, and how brutal morning sickness/fatigue was to me. A very wise blog friend advised me early on to workout as much as your body (and doctor) allows, it will be your savior. Smart cookie, this friend. 

While compiling this list initially negative thoughts crept in, "what's up with all those rest days?!" Then I took a moment to be grateful for the days I moved, no matter how small, because if this pregnancy has taught me anything, it is a huge lesson in humility and giving myself grace.

1 TRX + Vipr
2 Crossfit
3 Buti Yoga
4 Kayak (5 mi.) -- still shocked I agreed after my first experience last summer in France.
5 Rest
6 Speed Play
7 Shred 415
8 Dailey Method
9 Crossfit
10 Rest
11 Rest
12 Surf/TRX/Battle Ropes -- bruised tailbone and all, this class is incredible.
13 Rest
14 Shred415
15 Rest
16 Crossfit
17 Rest
18 Rest
19 Rest
20 Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project (month one) -- packs the same punch as her other workouts.
21 Shred 415
22 Rest
23 Bootcamp
24 Rest
25 Rest
26 Rest
27 Rest
28 Bootcamp
29 Rest
30 Rest
31 Rest

1 comment:

  1. You did great in July! Morning sickness is no joke, so any workout done automatically bumps you to rock star status.


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