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Dec 17, 2015

In case you missed it, part one of July.

My cousin (far left) and I got married last year so our family threw us a get together when they came into town (the photo is of us, our spouses, his dad, my mom). 

He and his wife were expecting (a girl!) and little did anyone know I had just taken a pregnancy test the day prior.  

Shortage of food, never

Nothing tops going to my moms and there being warm, fresh doughnuts. Don't mind if I do...

An attempt at stuffed zucchini -- not bad, not great.

Bruce, the alley cat.

Meghan Trainor + morning sickness. I persevered, but the traffic leaving almost did me in.

The only lunch I could stomach for the first trimester -- Crazy Bowls and Wraps

BBQ wings, do it

Jaws! Outdoor movies are easily a new favorite summer past time

Chicken Noodle Soup will always be my favorite

It was hellaciously humid, I was on the verge of barfing, but I had to capitalize on this photo op

Our building has tenant appreciation, I feel appreciated anytime there's ice cream at work

Pillowy pancakes

(solo) Road-tripping to Ohio

To see this beauty. We met through our husbands and have been friends ever since. Awesome travel mate, stellar movie quoter and(!) our babes will be about 3 months apart :)

Friends, forever.

A little nuun to keep the all day sickness semi at bay. 

Kolache -- mmmm

Girls Happy Hour -- a monthly ritual that I'm so glad we started

Mark made eggplant parmesan (using mostly ingredients from his garden) -- I don't like eggplant but holy smokes, that was fantastic

When life hands you morning sickness, watch lots and lots of TV in bed

Sherbert Punch, does this bring back childhood memories or what?

1 comment:

  1. Your movie in the park looks awesome - that pond!!
    Was that a HOMEMADE donut? Holy yum. I'll take 2. Scratch that. I'll take 12.
    Kolaches!!! I've only ever seen/had them in KC. I can't find them anywhere out here!
    Can I just go where you go and eat all the food you eat? Because, get in my belly!


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