Christmas: 2015

Jan 20, 2016

As we embark on the next chapter of our lives, I stumbled upon this article on creating holiday traditions which couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. It is a fluid way to incorporate fond memories from each of our childhoods into our new family tradition. 

What was your favorite holiday tradition growing up? 
Marcia: Christmas stockings, hands down most cherished Christmas memory
Mark: We opened presents Christmas morning

What are you grateful your parents did around the holidays? 
Marcia: Watching holiday movies together
Mark: Hanging out

What do you want this season to be about? 
Marcia: Family, Giving, Thankfulness
Mark:  Same

What do you not want it to be about? 
Marcia: Material things
Mark: Too many toys - especially if there are two kids

What do you want to eat?
Marcia: The act of preparing breakfast Christmas morning and dinner on NYE
Mark: We used to have cinnamon rolls growing up I like those - and sparkling cider for the new years

And, because it is so fun to read about others Holiday "bucket lists", I decided to join in this year -- it is a great reminder to take care in celebrating those small moments, together.

Found this super cute board to hang cards, which I have yet to take down because I love looking at them. These are the Christmas Cards we sent out.

Christmas Lights on Candy Cane Lane. How have I lived here my whole life and never known about this?

 Cut our own Christmas Tree (ok, Mark did all the work), decorating the house while sipping on a new to us Hot Cocoa recipe and listening to holiday music. The tree we got this year was insanely huge and I'm happy to report the hounds left it alone!

We don't give gifts one either side of our extended families (save for grandparents), so in addition to giving everyone a train calendar from where I work (they are a huge hit), I've decided to start giving each family a home made little something. 

Home made Vanilla Extract -- we tested three types: Bourbon, Vodka and Rum. Blank gift tags on Amazon and voila, Merry Christmas.

Christmas morning we whipped up a batch of French Toast together. Dead. So good.

And, because I love to bake -- I was adventurous choosing two new treat recipes.

Eggnog Cookies. So rich. So soft.

Cranberry Rugelach. These turned out fantastic. 

For Christmas my family still assumes I'm a child so I am relegated to "drinks". Always up for a challenge I made two:

Norwegian Forest Cocktail (mocktails for my sister and I)

Eggnog (storebought), replete with a dash of nutmeg and a cinnamon stick

Some years to mix things up we have a themed holiday, this year was barbeque. Yes.

And what is a holiday without a dessert table? Not a holiday I say.

My aunt bought these frosted sugar cookies, isn't the quote fitting?

Mark made a cheesecake with warm blueberry topping. Decadent.

My mom and her siblings got my grandma a smartphone. Mark and Jaleesa were tasked with setting it up. 

My aunt loves to play rob your neighbor and takes it upon herself to find kitsy gifts -- how hilarious is this mug?!

Tell me, what is your favorite holiday tradition?


  1. The Q&A was fun. I'm tucking that away for next year.
    How did the homemade vanilla turn out? I freaking love mine, and gave some to my mom a few years back. I'm thisclose to running out of my batch and need to make some more, because - SO EASY!
    Also. I want to come eat with you and your family. Hellloooooooo amazing food. *drool*

  2. Love love love this post!! Our favorite traditions include at some point going to get hot chocolate and driving around looking at lights. We even included my 10month old granddaughter this year!!! And Christmas stockings Christmas fun...our favorite!! Having a little one around again has made Christmas so much more meaningful again and I cannot wait for years to come!

    1. Hot cocoa and Christmas lights are the best, plus I can only imagine how special holidays are now with little Audra!


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