Everyday, Ordinaire: Week 1

Jan 16, 2016

Here's what the first week of 2016 looked like.

New Year, new (fitness) journal, new goals. 

Prenatal massage, aka can I have a massage for my birthday every year?

Reading + Eating

Dave's Killer Bread is mighty tasty. If your local, its at Sams. Also, frozen sweet potato fries are everything.

This wall makes me happy

28 week ultrasound 

Having fun with my 2nd maternity Stitch Fix


Hospital touring. 

Real life: we argued for over an hour about, FABRIC

1 comment:

  1. I've only ever had two massages - both times while I was pregnant. Both times, glorious. I'm pretty sure I could get one each week and be a-ok with the arrangement.
    Hospital touring!! That means one thing. Baby day is getting that much closer!!


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