Everyday, Ordinaire

Jan 8, 2016

These past long holiday weekends have lent itself to mass productivity on the nursery which makes my heart skip a beat (11 weeks and counting!) and takes my stress level down about fifty notches. As I (continue to) get this space up-to-date with all the happenings of late, bear with me -- my computer issues still(!) aren't resolved and I'm growing a human.

Enough excuses, on with October.

Thanks for the slippers Jennifer! 

Trip to Phoenix to meet Mark's maternal grandparents -- swoon, cactus...

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...

Brunch goals


Feast + See. Brisk evening, incredible food samplings.

Me and my parents

Cleaning out the basement took twice (ok three times) as long with my photo trips down memory lane.

Worth it.

Dinner of the Gods -- biscuits, melted butter and JAM.

Work pot luck prepping

Grill Master.

Mark, not me.

He is infatuated with cleaning supplies, now if only I could train him to clean the house...

Love is picking up your husband from the airport looking like, THIS.

Early anniversary trip

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