Markisms: Second Trimester

Jan 6, 2016

--on my (nonexistent) milk supply
Mark: have you milked yourself yet?

--when asked to carry my water bottle as we hiked in Phoenix
Mark: that ok, you can carry it
Me: I'm carrying you baby.
Mark: blank stare

--when trying to agree on when to take newborn photos
Mark: How about a few months in, after it stops looking creepy

--at dinner
Mark: go ahead and order pizza and fries, there's no better excuse (than being pregnant)

--talking to family over thanksgiving
Mark: yeah our eating habits have really changed
Marcia: no, yours have
Mark: blank stare

--during partner prenatal yoga
Mark: "You have feet like chewbacca."


  1. I giggled out loud at all of these! PS you look wonderful. I hope you and your sweet babe are doing well :)

  2. I'm DYING!!
    Have you milked yourself, yet?
    Oh sweet baby Jesus, I cannot wait to hear what comes out of his mouth once that precious child is here!


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