Newlyweds: One Year

Jan 13, 2016

The old adage "time flies when your having fun" truly captures our first year of marriage. As with anything it came with its adjustments, compromise and lessons on kindness. From our whirlwind five month engagement to honeymooning in Quebec this past year has shown me that love really is a concerted effort, as a very wise family friend said, "marriage is a partnership that will not always be fifty-fifty. Some days he will give 80% and you 20% and vice versa". 

Being married on a holiday weekend we knew scheduling time to celebrate could be tricky. Travelling to his hometown for Thanksgiving (hounds barfing in tow) while listening to Serial started out the weekend surrounded with countless reasons to be thankful surrounded by family.

Once back home, we returned to where we had our wedding dinner, Vin de Set, shared mussels and a incredible feast to follow while reflecting over the past year, the impending arrival of our first child, and of course, reminiscing on our wedding day. The next day (there was absolutely no room after dinner) we feasted on wedding cake (the bakery recreates complimentary 1st anniversary cakes!) and sipping sparkling cider. 

To the kindest man I've ever known, here's to countless years, memories, and laughs. 
Happy 1st Anniversary my love.

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  1. The sweetest, most perfect way to celebrate year one! Happy Anniversary!!


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