Stitch Fix Maternity, Take Two

Jan 29, 2016

Everyone told me the third trimester is no picnic, so I conjured up a few ways to ease the unpleasant with a luxurious prenatal massage, taking as many naps humanly possible, and Stitch Fix

My focus this time around was a dress for our baby shower, and nursing friendly tops. 

This top was cozy, flattering, and the color was fantastic. Till I did the "see through" test in brighter lights and realized I'd have to double up on shirts, making nursing a tad challenging. 


This navy and gold top is a dream. Great lines and 3/4 sleeves, with the ability to dress up or down. It was "snug", but thankfully they had the next size up for me to exchange.


The dress and necklace complimented one another wonderfully, but I can't have nice jewelry (remember, I've knocked stones out of my wedding ring THREE times in a year). 

Necklace, returned.

That navy dress though... I didn't want to take it off. The fit complimented my curves while making me feel confident and sassy.


This olive number was SO fun I twirled with reckless abandon. Sadly, the cut is unmistakably maternity, so I couldn't wear it postpartum.


Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

What else should I do to celebrate this last trimester?

1st Maternity Stitch Fix


  1. Well aren't you about the cutest thing ever! LOVE that navy dress :)

  2. So, you're the most adorable pregnant lady, ever.
    SF did an awesome job with your fix!! I literally loved everything on you. But, if it's not nursing friendly kiss it goodbye. (I do have to say, I pretty much live in my workout clothes/sports bras, and I just pull the top up and move the bra up - works like a charm).
    If you haven't already invested in some good nursing bras I'd recommend doing that now. When I was in the hospital with Marcus I had to run (run- ha! hobble) to the hospital nursing store and grab a bra from their very slim selection. Take the time to find a nursing bra you love. I don't love either any of mine (which is probably why I've just given up and stay in the sports bra), and wish I would have take the time to find one I was super comfortable in.
    Also. Keep napping. Seriously. Nap as much as you can. And be sure to go on as many dates with Mark as possible. A little human has the most uncanny ability to sweep away date nights. :)


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