Working On My Fitness: December

Jan 22, 2016

As the months tick by and the need to complete all things related to baby become a necessity. my photography is lacking, thus no workout photo for this month. Whomp, whomp. As winter arrived and my sleeping habits varied greatly (and thus decreasing my use of) I decided to cancel my Class Pass earlier than anticipated because I simple wasn't utilizing all the great benefits, and that money could be spent elsewhere. While I had serious doubts of loss fitness and FOMO during the first few weeks, it has been refreshing to transition to working out from home (and no longer needing to carry a gym bag!), which thanks to my insomnia, have been pinning workouts with reckless abandon and have found loads of great ideas. Having said that, please share any tips/tricks/exercises you love, I'm all ears!

3 Rest
5 Rest
6 Rest
7 Rest (sick)
8 Rest (sick)
9 Prenatal Yoga
10 Rest
11 Rest
12 Rest
13 Rest
15 Rest
16 Prenatal Yoga
17 Rest
18 Rest
19 Rest
20 Rest
21 Rest
22 Rest
23 Rest
24 Rest 
25 Rest
26 Rest
27 Walk (26:19) 1.0 incline + GOOP Arms
28 Rest
29 Fartleks (18:11) + Tabata (30/10/6) Bosu: squats, single leg squats, planks
30 Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga
31 Rest

1 comment:

  1. 1) Please take more bump photos. And if you are taking them, please share! Baby bumps are the best.
    2) Let's talk home workouts. I heart some home gym time. Do you have equipment? If so, what do you have. We can totally utilize what you have, and even what you don't.


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