Working On My Fitness: November

Jan 14, 2016

Although we were on vacation thus walking everywhere we could (it's our favorite way to learn a new city, plus there's always uber if you get tired) I still managed to get in some quality workouts, along with a sinfully incredible pedicure at the Mandarin Spa with Mark's aunt wherein I fell asleep because I was that blissed out.

1 Hike + Walk 30 min (Del Mar)
2 Fartleks (1 mi.) + HIIT core, arms, legs + Walk (Mandarin Hotel)
3 Intervals (1.1 mi) 1.0 incline (Mandarin Hotel)
4 Walk (Why is everything so spread out on the Las Vegas strip?!)
5 Walk (Like why?!)
6 Rest
7 Rest
8 Rest
9 Rest
10 A.M. Yoga
11 Rest
12 Vabs
13 Body Pump
14 Slow Flow Yoga
15 Core/TRX/Ropes
16 Rest
17 Shred 415 (butt + legs)
18 Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga (SO glad I enrolled in this class, game changer for me)
19 Rest
20 Rest
21 Slow Flow Yoga
22 Rest
23 Rest
24 A.M. Yoga
25 A.M.Yoga (leave for Princeton)
26 Rest (Thanksgiving)
27 Rest 
28 Rest (return from Princeton)
29 Rest
30 Rest

1 comment:

  1. You're doing such a great job with your fitness!! Your body is going to thank you x100000 after that little baby arrives.
    Also - that photo - dying!! I love it. :)


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